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The Weekly Thing 12/4

I mentioned in my last post that it’s way important to not be a glass jaw when it comes to stepping up your game after falling off the wagon for the holidays. Did any of you fall off of said wagon? I’ll be the first to tell you that not only did I fall but I fell hard – like extra hard.

After spending more than a week with my parents for Thanksgiving, mom and I were at a grocery store when we passed their bakery.

Mom: Ooh, let me show you their cheesecakes!

Me: Okay.

Mom takes me over to the glass case where strawberry, raspberry and caramel cheesecakes are sliced in monstrous, Cheesecake Factory-sized servings.

Do you want one?

What? No! Hell no, even!

Up until then I had eaten my weight in turkey and ham, had completely pigged out on barbecue one night, had eaten mom’s homemade biscuits and gravy, had a ton of fast food, had eaten a whole box of eggnog cake rolls and had basically eaten half a red velvet cake. An enormous piece of cheesecake was the last thing I needed on this trip.

Oh, come on!

I don’t want it.

Well, I was hoping you’d say you wanted one. That way I could justify getting me and Chuck a piece, too!

Guilt, y’all.

Okay, let’s get one.

Alright! What kind do you want?

I went with strawberry but we ended up with a slice of all three. Later that night, after filling up on mom’s spaghetti and bread, mom asked me if I wanted to take two or three bites out of my cheesecake. I said sure.

…and I’d like to let you know that I ate the whole damn thing.

Anyway, I’m back in Knoxville and back to my routine. I’ve got five days to feel better about my health so I’m hitting it hard with a brand new meal plan from Clean Eatz and with the conclusion of my current vertical stack. Here’s what this week looks like:

  1. Monday: 5:45am Boxing Power Hour at TITLE Boxing Club, Evening Strength Training:

  2. Heavy back, bis and shoulders

  3. Medium Legs

  4. Light Chest and Tris

  5. Tuesday: Morning MMA Cardio, Evening Strength Training:

  6. Heavy legs

  7. Medium Chest and Tris

  8. Light Back, Bis and Shoulders

  9. Wednesday: Morning Boxing Cardio, 7:00pm Boxing Power Hour at TITLE Boxing Club

  10. Thursday: Morning MMA Cardio, Evening Strength Training:

  11. Heavy Chest and Tris

  12. Medium Back, Bis and Shoulders

  13. Light Legs

  14. Friday: 5:45 am Boxing Power Hour at TITLE Boxing Club

  15. Saturday: TBD*

  16. Sunday: TBD*

*I’m going to be traveling for a little more than a week but intend to use bodyweight exercises and hotel gyms to get my workouts in. I also hope to document these as part of a larger project I’m working on that I hope to share when I return.


Before I get out of here today I want to give a big shoutout to XCellerated Fitness in Kingsport, TN. This was my gym home while visiting family for Thanksgiving and they gave me a great outlet to pump out a lot of aggression, depression and sugary processed foods. The gym seems to lend itself more toward the power lifters and people that are even bigger meatheads than me, but the facility is nice if you’re looking to stay on track (sort-of) while traveling. Give ’em a go if you’re in town!

  1. XCellerated Fitness Online

  2. XCellerated Fitness on Facebook

This is what you look like when you work out there. Could be motivational, could also convince you to go somewhere else, I dunno…

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