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JTF's Viking Army Workout Jams of the Year 2021

The formation of the Viking Army came from just as many sources as the Vikings who follow it. What started as a small group of weirdos coming to an MMA class I used to lead quickly turned into a movement -- a movement inspired by getting stronger, growing wiser, gaining confidence and, of course, listening to heavy music.

Those MMA classes were known for their high-intensity workouts and the unique set of exercises I designed but it was also known for the explicit punk rock, heavy metal and hip-hop playlists that just added to the aggressive nature of those classes. Since then, music has been a huge part of what the Viking Army is all about and I'm excited to get to share my next custom workout playlist with y'all!

Yes, I said next because a while back I shared with you JTF's Punk Rock Workout -- have you followed that one yet?

Anyway, this year, I'm bringing you the songs that got me through my workouts in 2021. There's Alternative Metal, Horror-Punk, Classic Rock, Metalcore, Industrial Metal, Thrash Metal, Horror-Core, Hardcore-Punk, Groove Metal, Hip-Hop, Alternative Hip-Hop, Political Hip-Hop, Gangster Rap, Christian Deathcore and Thrash-Rap Metal. In fact, this is what the playlist looks like:

In This Moment - The Gun Show Misfits - Where Eagles Dare In This Moment - The In-Between Van Halen - Hot for Teacher Mutoid Man - Bridgeburner Nine Inch Nails - Head Like a Hole Power Trip - Executioner's Tax (Swing of the Ax) Insane Clown Posse - Piggy Pie Converge - Homewrecker In This Moment - Whore Lamb of God - Redneck Tech N9ne (featuring Joey Cool, King Iso and Dwayne Johnson) - Face Off Saul Williams - List of Demands (Reparations) Run the Jewels - Walking In the Snow Wu-Tang Clan - Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nothing ta F' Wit NWA - Straight Outta Compton Harms Way - Become a Machine Sleeping Giant - Jehova Shalom Lard - Forkboy Body Count - Institutionalized 2014 Nine Inch Nails - March of the Pigs Ministry - N.W.O. Body Count - Black Hoodie Nails - You Will Never Be One of Us Anti-Nowhere League - So What

If you want to use this playlist to get you started on your 2022 fitness goals, be my guest and follow it on Spotify! I also have a slew of other public playlists you can find to fit your mood, though not all are Viking Army-approved!

Salute to all who lifted heavy in 2021 and support to those who are going to start in 2022. The Viking Army is here for you and I can't wait to see what kind of progress we all make!

Happy holidays, Heathens!

Ever onward,


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