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BALDR Fitness

I am an NASM-certified personal trainer and rock star group fitness trainer working independently in Knoxville, Tennessee. My passion for fitness goes well beyond hobby and maybe even beyond lifestyle. It’s who I am and what I share with people. It both starts and ends my day; it’s what I’m known for.

I am the founder of JTF's Viking Army and Baldr Fitness with specializations in boxing, strength training, fitness nutrition and behavior change.

The Viking Army is designed to help members identify their goals, assess their current stage of change, set process goals, take action and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Fitness can be a rad journey if you let it be -- part of my job is helping you see it the same way.


About BALDR Fitness

I became a personal trainer primarily to help others find their own motivation to get stronger and more confident. The gym is an intimidating place. If you’re inexperienced or fall into any category that isn’t muscle-headed bro, walking onto the floor with barbells, dumbbells, plates and a bunch of sweaty, grunting dudes without a plan of your own is scary.

And that isn’t right.


Fitness isn’t something to be afraid of and I’m here to help you conquer that fear.

My focus is primarily on those who have little or no experience in the gym, people who may know a thing or two about being fit but are more comfortable with someone building a program for them and people that want to do it all on their own but want to know how to properly do a barbell squat or work their way up to a pull-up.


If this sounds like you, I’m your guy.

If you’re a heavy-lifting muscle head, I’m still here for you. You’re just not my target demographic. My specialties lie in beginner’s strength training, run coaching, fitness nutrition, behavior change and boxing basics.

Otherwise, learn how to cook, go for a run and then pick up something heavy. I’ll be here if you need help.